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Date of Distribution 8 May 2018 
     Title of the Conference The 8th ICMI-East Asia Regional Conference on Mathematics Education  
     Organiser Department of Mathematics, National Taiwan Normal University. Taipei, Taiwan 
     Conference Place Taipei International Convention Center 
     Province/State Taipei, Taiwan 
     Conference Date 7 May 2018 
     To 11 May 2018 
Proceeding Paper
     Volume 2018 
     Page PP-182 
     Abstract Assessments are educational activities conducted for the purpose of helping teachers improve their lessons and for the better growth of students (Tachibana, 2007). Assessment of student’s mathematical performance may serve to provide information to different types of recipients; to the individual student, to the teacher and to the system (Niss, 1993). Lack of perspective on curriculum and instruction as a system lead to Inappropriate between teaching, assessment and teaching development in Thailand (Inprasitha, 2015). Therefore, this research aimed to study the results from assessment to improve the teaching by using the Suken test in Level 7 (Knowledge equivalent to grades 5-6). The result showed in measure domain, 18 from 20 examinees can’t convert units to find the volume of objects because they don’t understand concept of volume when they can’t remember formula they can’t find it even if content about volume is in geometry domain. So for teaching development, teachers should not start teaching by giving formula to students but should give opportunity to students to find meaning of volume by themselves and developing meaning to formula.  
577050011-6 Miss JITLADA JAIKLA [Main Author]
Education Doctoral Degree

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