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Research Title Pre-Service Teacher’ Perspective on Lesson Plan  
Date of Distribution 24 July 2016 
     Title of the Conference 13th International Congress on Mathematical Education  
     Organiser International Congress on Mathematical Education 
     Conference Place Germany 
     Province/State ็Hamburg  
     Conference Date 24 July 2016 
     To 31 July 2016 
Proceeding Paper
     Abstract This study was aimed to explore Pre-Service teacher’ perspective about the importance of lesson planning and about knowledge required in lesson planning. Target group was 36 undergraduate students who study in the 4th year, Mathematics Education Program. Data collected by using open-ended questionnaire. 100% of respondents were received from questionnaire distribution. The results were as the following A) Pre-Service teacher’ perspective about lesson plan was a teaching guidelines for teachers (58.33%), lesson plan could support teaching to teach in keeping with the objective (36.11%), lesson plan could support teaching more effective (22.22%), B) Pre-Service teacher’ perspective about knowledge required in lesson plan were as the following; knowledge about national curriculum, standards-based curriculum and indicators (66.67%), knowledge about the subject matter for teaching (63.89%), knowledge about the structure of the lesson plans and how to create lesson plan (38.89%).  
577050019-0 Miss ALISA MOONSRI [Main Author]
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