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Title of Article Physical characteristics and energy content of biomass charcoal powder 
Date of Acceptance 27 January 2021 
     Standard SCOPUS 
     Institute of Journal Gazi University 
     ISBN/ISSN 1309-0127 
     Volume 11 
     Month March
     Year of Publication 2021 
     Page 158-169 
     Abstract The objective of this study is to investigate potential biomass materials for charcoal briquette production by comparing physical properties and energy content. The charcoal powder was obtained from 3 sources. The first group was charcoal from industrial factories which is charcoal from biomass power plant (CBPP). The second group was charcoal from a by-product of agricultural products, consisting of rice husk coal (RHC), coconut-shell coal (CSC), corn cob coal (CCC), cassava stump coal (CStC) and eucalyptus bark coal (EuBC). The third group was charcoal from recycling vegetal coal, consisting of recycling eucalyptus coal (REuC) and recycling assorted wood coal (RAWC). The results showed the physical properties of charcoal powder with an average bulk density of 189.19–563.73 kg/m3 and average angle of repose of 35.05°– 43.21°. The material flowability was ranged between fair to passable flow and free-flowing with average particle size of 0.31–1.29 mm. The static coefficient of friction on the material surface was 0.46–0.66 on mild steel, 0.39–0.57 on stainless steel, 0.45–0.59 on zinc sheet, 0.43–0.61 on galvanized steel, and 0.52–0.66 on rubber. The energy content of charcoal powder revealed the HHV to range from 3,393.78 – 7,303.86 cal/g, the commercial briquettes charcoal range value from 5,205.34 – 5,382.62 cal/g. The results of the physical properties of the charcoal power provide useful data for engineering design. Whilst, the comparison between the commercial briquette charcoal and the biomass charcoal powder shows the potential of biomass as a raw material to produce charcoal briquettes to replace woody biomass, thereby increasing the value of that material. 
     Keyword Biomass Charcoal, Physical characteristics, Energy content of biomass charcoal, Charcoal briquettes. 
607040030-1 Mr. PHISAMAS HWANGDEE [Main Author]
Engineering Doctoral Degree

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