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Title of Article Factors associated with nurses' perceived competence in pressure injury care in a tertiary hospital, Yunnan, China 
Date of Acceptance 24 September 2021 
     Title of Journal Advances in Skin and Wound Care 
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     Institute of Journal American Professional Wound Care Association 
     Year of Publication 2021 
     Abstract Aims and objectives: To assess nurses’ perceived competence in pressure injury care and explore the association between perceived competence and nurses’ backgrounds, knowledge, attitude, and self-efficacy in pressure injury care. Background: Recent health policy development in China allows nurses to provide nursing services at patients’ homes. Significant proportion of Chinese patients have pressure injuries at home but nurses feel unready to deliver pressure injury care outside the hospital context. Design: Descriptive correlational design. Methods: An online questionnaire was sent during January and February 2021 to collect information regarding demographics, knowledge, attitude, self-efficacy and perceived competence in pressure injury care from 117 nurses caring for patients with or at-risk for pressure injury at a tertiary level hospital in Kunming, Yunnan Province, China. Univariate and multiple regressions were performed to assess the association. Results: A total of 111 completed questionnaires were obtained with a response rate of 94.9%. Nurses reported inadequate knowledge and relatively low self-efficacy in pressure injury care. However, they had positive attitude and acceptable level of perceived competence in pressure injury care. Being a wound specialist, having read pressure injury-related articles or practice guideline within the past year, and having knowledge and self-efficacy in pressure injury care were associated with nurses’ perceived competence in a univariate analysis. Knowledge, attitude and self-efficacy in pressure care were associated with perceived competence in a multivariate analysis. Conclusions: Pressure injury-related knowledge, attitude and self-efficacy are independently associated with nurse’s perception of their competency in pressure injury care.  
     Keyword Care, Nurse, Pressure injury, Perceived competence 
625060079-7 Miss SIJIA HUANG [Main Author]
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