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Research Title The Development of Constructivist Web-Based Learning Environment Model to Enhance Solving Mathematic Problems of Statistics for High School Grade 11 (ไม่ผ่านการอนุมัติ 1662349207) 
Date of Distribution 31 August 2022 
     Title of the Conference ICITL 2022 : International Conference of Innovative Technologies and Learning 
     Organiser ICITL 2022 Organization Committee 
     Conference Place Porto, Portugal. 
     Province/State Porto, Portugal. 
     Conference Date 29 August 2022 
     To 31 August 2022 
Proceeding Paper
     Volume 2022 
     Issue 13449 
     Page 180-186 
     Editors/edition/publisher Yueh-Min Huang, Shu-Chen Cheng, João Barroso, Frode Eika Sandnes 
     Abstract Objective of research was to develop learning of constructivist environ-ment model to enhance solving mathematic problems and to examine the learners’ solving mathematic problems. There were three phases model re-search is model development, model validation and model use. The target group consisted of 18 high school grade 11 school registered in the mathe-matics course on statistics in the academic year 2021, 10 teachers of math-ematics on statistics in the academic year 2021. Model research was de-signed for each domain following the subject matters media and teaching design by the expert and outsourcing technical support including; 1 re-searcher, 1 designer, 1 developer, and 3 experts. Qualitative and quantita-tive data were gathered. Protocol analysis used summarization elucidation and assay description was applied to analyze the qualitative data and ana-lyzed by descriptive statistics consisted of means, standard deviation, and percentages. The result pointed out that development learning of construc-tivist environment model to enhance solving mathematic problems com-prised of 8 components; 1) problem bases, 2) resources, 3) related cases, 4) tool learning center, 5) communication learning center, 6) solving mathe-matic problems center, 7) scaffolding, and 8) facilitating. The troubleshoot-ing of student learning with constructivist learning environment to enhance solving mathematic problems from evaluation of solving mathematic prob-lems achieved a mean score of 47.28 (S.D.=3.06). There were 94.56% of all students passed the criteria of 80%, and there were 94.44% of all students passed the specified scores of 80%. Problem solving of student learning with learning of constructivist environment to enhance solving mathematic problems resulted from the asking in the protocol analysis consisted of 5 processes; 1) understanding the problem, 2) problem representations and searching for solutions, 3) planning, 4) carrying out the plan and 5) follow-ing up. 
607050021-6 Mr. SATHAPON CHAISRI [Main Author]
Education Doctoral Degree

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